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The TOP 10 Romanian club hits of all time according to Youtube

Do you know what are the most popular Romanian club hits of all time?

I sometimes find myself in a room with people of different nationalities and one of the easiest way to connect and bring people together is through music. I also have a theory that goes like this: if the listener knows the song he/she will have more fun listening or dancing to it.

That’s why I want to share with foreigners some of the top Romanian club hits. However, I always have a hard time remembering them. That’s why I decided to do some research and find these elusive top Romanian songs.

By the way, I’m not a big fan o Romanian music, but I have to give it to some of our Romanian singers, bands, composers and marketers – they know how to produce songs that millions of people around the world listen to.

The way I created this top is simple: I went on Youtube, searched for the most popular Romanian singers and filtered the results by view count. For me, if a lot of people watched and listened to a song on Youtube, then it must be popular.

The result? I bet you’ll be surprised by some songs in this top 10. Do you think that there are Romanian songs with over 100 million views? We’ll find out soon enough.

Without further ado, I’ll start with number 10 and do a count down to number 1.

The TOP 10 Romanian songs on Youtube

10. Andra & Mara – Sweet Dreams

Views on Youtube: 175 Million

Released in: 2016

To be perfectly honest, I don’t think I’ve ever heard this song before doing the research. With a whooping 175 million views I probably should have and we are just at number 10.

9. Elena Gheorghe – Midnight Sun

Views on Youtube: 177 Million

Released in: 2011

I’ve heard this one before and I like its funky beat. It’s mostly sung in English with some Italian here and there. It’s only 2 million views away from our number 10. Anyway, it was unexpected to me.

8. Andra – Love Can Save It All

Views on Youtube: 188 Million

Released in: 2016

This is the second song from Andra to reach our top 10. 2016 seems to have been a great year for Andra. Maybe I’ve heard the song a couple of times, but it probably escaped my radar because it has a slow beat and it’s about love. Spoiler alert: Andra will have another song in this top.

7. INNA – Ruleta

Views on Youtube: 191 Million

Released in: 2017

Finally, a song by INNA! I can bet you believe INNA will appear a lot in this top and you would be right. But, you’re going to be surprised. The song is nice to dance to. It combines English, Spanish and some other language I can’t understand.

6. Andra – Why

Views on Youtube: 204 Million

Released in: 2016

Andra does it again and gets to number 6 with over 200 million views. Impressive! Same style, slow and romantic. Can’t really dance to it, but it’s probably a hit with the ladies.

5. INNA – Cola Song

Views on Youtube: 209 Million

Released in: 2014

INNA again with one of her first songs. Upbeat and, again, combining English and Spanish. The Romanian singer collaborated with J Balvin for this song and it seemed to work well for her. All in all, it’s a nice song.

4. INNA – In Your Eyes

Views on Youtube: 211 Million

Released in: 2013

With a sexy video, INNA collaborates with Yandel to get this Romanian hit out. This time, the song is 100% in English. Only one more song by INNA in the top 3. Will the singer take the number one place?

3. INNA – Yalla

Views on Youtube: 307 Million

Released in: 2015

Surprize, surprize! INNA’s most popular song is only on number 3 in this top. A really nice song that over 300 million people viewed in the last few years. International quality. The videoclip looks like Major Lazer’s – Lean on.

2. Alexandra Stan – Mr. Saxobeat

Views on Youtube: 333 Million

Released in: 2010

I’ve added the 87 million views version, but you can watch the 333 million one here (this version cannot be embedded in the article for some reason). P.S.: Adding the 2 clips would make it number 1.

It’s an old song that never gets old. Play and most foreigners would jump and dance to it. The singer did not record any songs to match the popularity of Mr. Saxobeat, but it’s enough to get it to the 2nd place.

Drum rolls…

1. Edward Maya – Stereo Love

Views on Youtube: 353 Million

Released in: 2009

This was a big surprise to me. I didn’t even know Edward Maya was Romanian. He collaborated with Vika Jigulina (never heard of her before) to release the most known Romanian song of all time (probably).

There’s one more song, an older one that might be more popular, but that’s the subject of another article to come (the TOP 25 Romanian songs).

Bow to the top Romanian club hits

Like most of you probably expected, INNA dominates the TOP 10. She’s definitely the most famous Romanian singer of the decade with 4 songs in this top and over 1 billion Youtube views of all her songs combined.

Actually, most international artists in the world (Rihanna, Shakira, etc) can only aspire to get more than 300 million views for their songs. For example, Rihanna & Justin Timberlake’s Rehab only has 304 million views and Beyoncé & Shakira’s Beautiful Liar only has 328 million views and would only take the 3rd place in this top.

So, Romanians can be proud that their fellow singers put Romanian on the map at least when it comes to music. The next step would be for one of them to create a song that gets to 1 Billion views. That would be truly magnificent.

What do you think about this top? Are there any other songs that deserve to be in it? Let me know in the comments below if you find a popular song that I should have included. I will refresh, change or add to the list as time passes.

In the meantime, I’ve created a Youtube playlist so you can have all the TOP 10 songs in a single place.

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